Apart from pure consulting mandates, Nashire prvides you specialists when it comes to lend a hand. We offer several ways to benefit from our expertise.

Outsourcing of email / messaging services

Based on our standardized messaging solutions, Nashire assumes operation and maintenance of mail gateways, email content security, archiving and encryption systems. (This excludes in-hous backend servers such as Microsoft Exchange which serve only as mailbox servers).

True to the request of the customer, the systems in charge of Nashire run on dedicated (managed gateway) or shared (SaaS model) infrastructures in a data center of Nashire AG or in-house by the customer. You will find out more on this topic in our messaging case studies.

UNIX / Linux and open source support

You run UNIX or linux systems or relevant open source application and need temporary skilled expertise? Our support contracts allow flexible models for short-, middle-, or long term commitment of our specialists at competitive prices. Our staff are provided to you 100% on site of the concerted pensum. We offer to you broad knowledge and long lasting experience in this area.

Service level agreements

In addition to our outsourcing and support services, we offer on request also service level agreements as an option to existing mandates. Thus, our specialists are provided even in emergencies, outside normal working hours and on weekends.