The confidentiality, integrity and availability of information is critical for success in organizations. This entrepreneurial success is being threatened by a myriad of risks that lurk in the shadows. Nashire Gate-Suite has a solution to ensure security of your email traffic at all time.

Data and Information Security

With GateSuite you are well protected against spam, viruses and attacks. The data leakage prevention avoids unintentional sending of internal or sensitive emails outside your organisation. You decide by using control groups which emails you want to filter and select appropriate measures.

End-to-end encryption (TLS / SSL)

For particularly sensitive communication continuous end-to-end encryption (TLS / SSL) is possible. This is  of great advantage for implementing major data and information security. Equip your Gate-Suite with an official SSL certificate and define when and whether mails are delivered via TLS and whether certificates must be validated in order that emails will be accepted. The policy management supports you with various options.

Data storage and protection

On the mail gateway data are only temporary stored in so-called mail queues during email forwarding. One exception, however, are the quarantine directories, which hold emails for a certain time before they get deleted autamatically if they are not refered manually after a determined time limit in the admin interface.

User cache: The system offers several options for saving the users. The advantage of user data caches is that new users are automatedly learned and forgotten. With these additional caches SMTP / LDAP queries are avoided. The entries also allow fine tuning for each user. In case of a failure of a system it is ensured that emails will be stored for existing users and can be delivered quickly afterwards.

  • Cache with SMTP query: The interface of the user update is SMTP, there is no need for more complicated interfaces. This makes the system overall more stable. Emails are still accepted and saved in a queue if LDAP or the target system is not running. Once the availability of the system is given, emails are delivered immediately.
  • Cache with the LDAP query: Generally the same applies as with SMTP cache, only the queries are much more complicated and the network load is bigger. Therefore, the implementation effort is much greater. Different LDAP / AD implementations exist.

  • Static user data table: If the target system dominates no recipient filtering, the instigation of a manually constructed user data table is mandatory.