You do not want to bother any longer about your email infrastructure and solve nerve-wracking problems on your own? In this case "Software as a Service" is your keyword. Pass the work to us!

If you choose Gate-Suite as an SaaS model you do not need your own hardware anymore, we provide our own servers. The management and supervision of the software is in our hands from now on. Like that you do not only save enormous expenses but pass in the same time the work to competent people who are well familiar with the product.

Decide on the SaaS model, there are different possibilities. You can choose if would you rather use Gate-Suite as a mandate or a domain-admin. As a mandate, you are capable to create domain-admins on your own. The mandate admin is available starting from 250 users. GUI (Graphical User Interface) is included. The mandate admin comprises both inbound and outbound filtering.

Only ten users will be required if you select just a domain-admin. The domain-admin is available with or without GUI, however, without outbound filtering.