The heart of any email gateway is filtering. You don't want to bother about technical details, you only want to send and receive your emails . Nashire Gate-Suite offers mulit-layered inbound filtration and logically separated outbound filtration as an innovative and customizable solution for your email infrastructure.

Multi-layered Inbound filtering

The firewall and the new developed kernel accept filter protect you from attacks and save resources. The four-stage inbound filtering is split into a very lean and fast pre-filter and a content filter, which scans all emails that were not temporarily refused by the pre-filter. The advantage of this prodecure is to the lower impact on resources (up to 1/4 of the costs of memory consumption of the content filter with pre-filtering) and a massive acceleration of the filtering process. Due to the application of stage 1 (OSI layer 3) and stage 2 (OSI layer 5) it is possible to drive the service partly outside the DMS due to the fact that a firewall depending on the implementation may … exceed the resilience and stability of the system…

Adaptive graylisting

Be in control when and where greylisting is active by domains and users. Graylisting can be disabled on request and there are different modes that screening modes … (elaborate on that?). The graylisting administration displays an overview about all temporarily rejected connections within the last 24 hours.

Outbound authentification and random sample spam tests

Gate-Suite supports the industry standard SASL as well as flexible rate limits per IP address and subnet. Additionally, our outstanding policy framework allows to set random sample spam tests. You decide whether and in what interval they occur – for single users, domains or on global level. Especially with a large outbound mail traffic, a random sample is an effective tool to prevent the worst with little resources. Imagine being blocked all over the world because of a contaminated computer of a customer sending millions of emails over the weekend and all the harm for your reputation and the potential loss of income. Not to add the time it takes until your e-mail traffic is back to normal. We are able to keep those e-mails down to a few 100 emails. It is an effective way to absorb a spam flood out of your own network if you define certain actions for the random samples. You decide whether the sender is rejected temporarily or permanently and wheter the messages are delivered, rejected, quarantined or discarded silently.