Three of our seven employees are senior technical specialists. We structured our company to support you most efficiently.

Martin Blapp


We aim to create new e-mail filtering standards. We are open for improvment and your criticism, this is or way to develop processes and our relationship with you.

Gianpaolo Del Matto

Head Personalverleih

We look for gifted and skilled IT specialists. We can offer as much as we ask for. We are not good at being average.  You know when you are in good hands. You feel it and the outcome speaks for itself. I stand for this with my name.

Semjon Kaiser

Chief Customer Officer

Für Kundenanliegen bin ich Ihr Ansprechpartner! Durch meine langjährige Betreuung von Unternehmenskunden weiss ich wo die Probleme liegen und wie wir helfen können.


 System Engineer

I thrive under complex challenges, they fascinate me. I deeply enjoy building, developing, improving systems, projects and products. No matter if we talk about niches, or more common topics. Caring about the happiness of our customers is part of the solution for me.