Conventional high-availability solutions are expensive, difficult to implement and to manage. With Gate-Suite, the average availability of all applications is increased because different mechanisms contribute to reduce planned downtimes and unplanned outages can be avoided. In addition, Gate-Suite offers you the following advantages in relation to the availability

  • ISP Cloud Support

    GateSuite allows you to be part of the Cloud and provide your own services. Assemble your own, virtual products, and resell them to have your customers filter their email through your virtual gateways – while not having to provide your own hardware.

  • Geo-Clustering

    Clustering is already built-in to Gate-Suite. You are however not limited to one single location. Span your Gate-Suite across multiple sites to get resilience and fault-tolerance for large-scale networks. The policy manager even allows you to have per-site rules, that apply differently to your various cluster members and locations.