We have many years of experience in the development of script solutions for system automation, web applications and operating system-related system applications.

Our portfolio includes a variety of different programming languages, among others:

  • Unix Shell Scripting (sh, bash, csh and others)
  • Scripting under Windows, above all Command Batch Language, Windows Scripting Hosting, PowerShell
  • Further scripting languages as Perl, PHP, TCL, Ruby, Python
  • AJAX technologies based on JavaScript (JQuery, JQUI, and others)
  • High level languages C/C++

As part of our projects we have successfully implemented solutions in various areas, including:

  • Development of new functions for commercial web applications
    • Development of a plugin for extended user administration in @Mail WebMail system
  • Customizing of open source web applications
    • Development of plugins for WordPress
    • Development of plugins of WebMin as in use by Nashire Gate-Suite
  • Development of solutions for process automatization
    • Divers solutions for hosting automatization
    • End automatization of repetitive tasks, such as import firewall rules
    • Update automatization for network devices (Cisco, HP, Brocade)
  • Further application cases
    • Adaption and expansion of C/C++ applications underUnix / Linux
    • Development of adapted and highly specialized data mining applications for registration, classification and cleanup of data of any kind, for example as part of adjustmant- / migration projects

Our broad-based know-how makes us the best cost-benefit assessment for the implementation of software projects in a wide spectrum.
We support you conceptually and executive or on request exclusively in an advisory function and assist you in finding the appropriate solution.