Nashire AG has sucessfully analyzed and fixed countless ongoing DDoS-Attacks against IT-Infrastructure services in the past. We can help you in a fast and uncomplicated way to solve the problems and to get the services back to online very fast.

Network infrastructure: We analyse attacks against bandwidth, load balancers, routing problems, problems with content delivery.

Databases: We help you to analyze and optimize Oracle and MySQL database performance issues, as well to analyze ongoing SQL injections.

HTTP/HTTPS (Webserver, Proxies): We know effective counter-measures for HTTP and HTTPS DDoS attacks, even if recent POST DDoS attack methods are used. We use self developed software and modules, and of course we also use well known concepts like load-balancers and application- or reverse proxies.

SMTP/TLS (Mailgateways, Groupware Server): We install and support our product Nashire Gate-Suite, a product which is able to survive massive DDoS attacks against the mail infrastructure using a patented algorithm in the UNIX kernel.

How we work:

Our first intervention is to fix the issues at hand and to get your website or mail service up and running again. Then we work with you in order to understand and control the problem. Our second intervention will be to help you to audit and take actions (mid and long terms) to avoid the same downtime again. Of course we can also help you to develop and create security concepts and we can do some security audits for you.