How big is your footprint: hardware resources

Conventional filtering solutions are resource hogs. Since hardware is not so expensive those days it became common-place to simply throw hardware at problems. Which is not sustainable.  This is a rather stony way for a software vendor, since he has to invest time and money to get there. Our point of view is, that even in those days of bigger-faster and cloudification, we need to take care of  processing and storage resrouces.

Keeping the costs for your infrastructure low

There is a high chance of reducing the costs for your infrastructure between 30 and 60 per cent. Nashire -Gate-Suite only filters when it's needed: we use autowhitelists and we distinguish between inbound- and Outbound-filtering, DDoS attacks are stopped in their tracks.

Less staff needed

You will see for yourself: through consistent automation with Nashire Gate-Suite your system administrator can focus on the essentials. Much less e-mail tracking exercises which take even less time.


We are listening and happy if you come forth with ideas for improvment. Share your ideas and rules with us and everyone will profit from it.  That is true collaborative spirit and giving back.