Nashire Ltd. is a service company which is passionate about keeping your Inbox happy. Our vision is to create new standards for e-mail filtering, governed by innovation and efficiency.

Values and Behaviour

Competent: We maintain a high business standards of careful and far-sighted planing and responsible, timely implementation. 

Innovative: We continuously improve and develop ourselves and our products. We are able to move fast.

Successful: We create benefit and value for our stakeholders, we get your messages through, so you can concentrate at what you do best.

Communicative: In collaboration, we put emphasis on appreciation, as well as upfront and open communication. We keep our messages to the point. With a positive discussion culture we unleash creativity.

Our Commitment

Company:  Nashire Ltd is a living organism that adapts to the constantly changing environment. We actively help to shape the change and use the given scope.

Customers: We offer ISPs and SMEs services in best quality at attractive prices. Commitment, trust and security are key factors in good customer relations. Our action is competent and solution-oriented.

Employees: We value our employes highly and we know how to attract the best. We delegate responsibility and decision-making as far as possible. Skills and employability of the staff members is encouraged.