Interfaces (APIs) are where autonomous systems meet to exchange data in a controlled manner. Gate-Suite is working with an interface that offers many possibilities.

Powerful application programming interface (API)

A very powerful SOAP-based application programming interfaced, backed with full-featured WSDL descriptions, provides your with over 100 functions to remote control Gate-Suite.

Integrate Gate-Suite tightly with your existing environment and automate your simple processes, like user creation and removal. Or integrate it with your existing WebMail-System to delegate Anti-Spam configuration to your users.

It couldn't be simpler than that and is fully compatible to SOAP-capable programming languages like ASP.NET, PHP and Perl.

Export everything

With Gate-Suite you can export defined search parameters and orders from every view as CVS.

Web 2.0 support

We work on simplifying your life. One application for this purpose is AJAX. This service provides you quick choices in input fields such as domain and user. In contrast to a list choice, the server is not overloaded in case of returning many search results.