As an Internet Service Provider you have special needs and requirements for a gateway infrastructure. ISPs depend on a trouble-free and robust system that delivers the important emails quickly and reliably even under high load situations. Further, ISP need simple processes to save resources. In opposite to other vendors Nashire offers outstanding solutions that are optimally tailored to your needs of.

The Gate-Suite ISP edition is available starting with 500 customer domains.

Advantages with Gate-Suite:

  • Very attractive licensing cost model defined with generous volume discounts.
  • Seamless integration into an existing ISP management. You define the process workflow once, group them in control groups, and enable / disable them using Web services (SOAP and WSDL).  Gate-Suite runs fully automated, by then.
  • It is very easy to realize complexe email routing structures with Gate-Suite without boosting the complexity of the configuration. Even with 50'000 or more managed domains you can offer individual solutions to your clients and cater to their needs.
  • Gate-Suite is especially reliable delivering the important emails because individual filtering rules can be defined. Due to different mechanisms, our product protects you against attacks Internet attacks at the best. Did you already have customer escallations? With Gate-Suite, that are problems of the past.
  • Time-wasting log searches of the 2nd level supporter are no longer needed because the log search got very simple with Gate-Suite.
  • A big advantage of Gate-Suite is that it supports multi-tenancy. You may delegate most tasks due to the simple interface to the customer himself or to the 1st level support. Therefore, three levels of administration are distinct: Superadmin, mandate and domain-admin. You as a superadmin can equip all stages with different authorities.