There is hardly a company in which no UNIX or linux system performs its work, often ingnored and not in mind of administrators, until…

In reality, you will at the latest ask the question of what it is all about, if this "until" occurs. Not rarely the disillusionment follows that strongly needed expertise is lacking, either because the documentation is incomplete or the technician in charge was on holiday.

But it must not be that bad right. Often there are also age-old structures that need to be cleaded up urgently or otherwise you find yourself at a dead end requiring use of external specialists.

The specialists of Nashire have long experience in the operation of UNIX and linux systems, in desktop as well as in server environments. We are at your side, whether you need temporary help, see yourself confronted with a real hard nut to crack or if it's already "on fire" and need quickly qualified support.

We tackle the tasks on a pragmatic way to get to a solution, mainly:

  • Rehabilitation and maintainance of legacy systems
  • Develop missing or incomplete documentation
  • Performance analysis and tuning of systems
  • Analysis of system errors (Memory Leaks, Kernel Locks, Application Core Dumps)
  • Support in projects
  • Conceptional support
  • Create all kinds of automatic solutions