Every company relies on fast and reliable email delivery of good messages. At the same time, no sensitive data shall leak outside (Data Leakage Prevention). 

As an SME you have three different possibilities how to run Gate-Suite. No matter how you decide – Gate-Suite makes your life easier:

  • As physical appliance for the operation on your own server infrastructure. This option is already available starting from 10 users. Furthermore, you can have only inbound filtering or also outbound filtering.
  • As virtual appliance with VMware ESX or ESXi. Thus, the handling is much more flexible.
  • As SaaS model: Pass the work onto us! Together with our cloud partner IT-Onbase we manage the software on our own server infrastructure for you.

Advantages of Gate-Suite:

  • GateSuite holds a very high standard when it comes to safety and reliability of email delivery. The system protects against attacks from the Internet. Sophisticated methods prevent you from delays of delivery of good messages. The Data Leakage Prevention avoids – if configured – that sensitive emails leak outside.
  • Due to the multi-tenancy of Gate-Suite, you as a mandate are free to appoint domain-admins. The domain account only refers to one domain and you can pass the administration of such a domain to an internal department in your company or to the administration for log research.
  • You can define how the emails shall be filtered with your own rules in policy management . In addition to a standard set of existing rules, you can define and capture your own rules at will. No second product is able to respond to the customer's needs as flexible as ours. Do you have for example a settlement in China?  Many other spam filter would not survive the challenge and would filter a lot of good emails.
  • Time-wasting email enquiries in syslog or other log datas are no longer necessary, with Gate-Suite you handle your log search quick and simple up to one year back.
  • The standardized infrastructure of Gate-Suite is fully automized and covers 99% of all configuration cases. These advantages lead to a minimal support of the email gateway infrastructure, which helps you to significantly save costs.