The outstanding policy manager spans over all levels of filtering, routing and user management. Thus all policy objects can be mixed across all levels to unleash maximum flexibility in policy drafting.

Nashire GateSuite can be designated as a highly flexible system in different areas. Every company and every industry has different needs for filtering and delivery speed of emails. Therefore, the filtration can not be implemented the same way. Gate-Suite covers those needs and identifies standardized solutions for all tasks. No other system is able to route emails as flexibly as GateSuite.

Individual needs

Based on different SMEs and SaaS providers we have developed a catalogue of requirements, which allows both groups of customers to cover their needs holistically. Gate-Suite realizes easily special requirements of for example banks, electricity and global companies. The easy-to-use administrative interfaces such as SOAP facilitate the integration into an existing infrastructure. In addition, Gate-Suite admits three administration grades which are equipped with different permissions.