Whitelists and blacklists are an important tool for fighting spam and to deliver good emails int time. Gate-Suite uses both methods and adapts them to your individual needs.

Internal Blacklists

Gate-Suite provides four groups of blacklists: sender address, sender host, IPv4 and IPv6. You can block emails to non-intended receivers via user administration. Blacklist entries may be used for pre-filtering as well as for basic filtering. Emails are blocked directly in the pre-filter, the application in the basic filter is completely free customizable whith policy management rules.

Internal whitelists, sender autowhitelist

Analogous to blacklists are four groups of whitelists available: sender address, sender host, IPv4, IPv6. The use of the basic filter is fully free customizable. In addition to manual whithelists Gate-Suite is equipped with an autowhitelist. All recipients addresses are logged in our outbound module – optionally per mandate, per domain or per user level. These recipients addresses are useful as whitelist entries for inbound filtering. The application of the addresses are fully free customizable as well.

External blacklists

Numerous blacklists are in use but all with relatively mild ratings. Among others the following are employed: IP Swinog, IP PSBL, IP SpamHaus, IP XBL, IP CBL, URI Swinog, URI Uribl. Only in combination with different blacklists a higher weighted rating makes sense. The advantage is that you obtain higher accuracy by this.

External whitelists

Nashire applies following whitelists:

  • Uri Swinog: This whitelist is maintained by ImproWare AG. Contains many domains of SURBL. The utilization via DNS is free of charge.
  • IP Swinog (ImproWare AG) : In the field of swiss relays pretty extensive. The utilization via DNS is free of charge.
  • IP DNSWL: An international project with active involvement of Nashire.