Log search and administration are areas where system administrators spend the most time. Nashire Gate-Suite tries wherever possible to simplify your life and to save lots of time. The sophisticated log search of Gate-Suite helps you to get a grip on your resources.

Fast-log-tracking up to one year back

Due to a sophisticated log administration it is no longer necessary to wade through time-wasting old compressed log data. Simply define the period and domain in the log tracker and search the corresponding message-ID. The entire log will be shown with one click on the message-ID. This functionality disburdens your ISP help desk and mail administrator massivly

Smart Search

Maintain the overview also in millions of domains and records administered. The web administration offers flexible search forms for all adjustments and lists that adapt automatically on your needs.

Change Tracking

A nonmutable audit-log shows all changes in the GUI, when and who generated them and which entries were changed. You can browse the audit-log with different criterias.